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CM-PS750 Polyester Swab Microfiber Foam Swabs Cleanmo Supplier

CM-PS750 Polyester Swab Microfiber Foam Swabs Cleanmo Supplier

USE FOR PRINTERS & OPTICAL EQUIPMENT – Cleanmo CM-PS750 Polyester Swab Cleaning Swabs are made specifically for cleaning sensitive equipment such as printers, microscopes, optical sensors and safe for solvent print heads such as Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh Epson printers.
◔ SAFE MATERIAL – Constructed from Double-layer knitted polyester that is free from organic contaminants such as silicone, amide or DOP.
◔ GOOD QUALITY – Every polyester swab head is made from the highest quality Double-layer knitted polyester securely bonded to a polypropylene shaft.
◔ MULTIPLE USES – Swabs are also great to use for painting and Incredibly effective cleaning both pistols and rifles. Much cheaper than identical swabs marketed for firearm cleaning.
◔ GREAT FOR USE – Our swabs are perfect to clean printer heads, keyboards, and tight to reach places, great use for piezoelectric photo machine print nozzles,water-based and most solvent print head,also and gun small parts’ cleaning.


             Contamination Characteristics

                Technological data

Particles, Readily releasable
Particles 0.5 um               <3000 counts/swab
Non-volatile Residue
DI Water  <0.11 mg/swab
IPA  <0.02mg/swab
Ion Content
Chloride   <0.01ug/swab
Sulphate   <0.01 ug/swab
Total anions   <0.02 ug/swab
No detectable silicone oil, amide or DOP

Product Application
– Micro-mechanical cleaning
– Remove contamination from connectors and disk drives
– Effectively clean small, hard to reach areas with solvents such as IPA
– Remove flux residue and excess materials
– For general purpose cleaning


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